I’ve been obsessed with saving money for as long as I can remember…

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There’s something wildly appealing to me about having more money in my account each week, month, year, or pay period, than the one before.

It’s not even necessarily about the dollar amount. I’ve been saving practically since I was born and I’ve never had a specific end goal for what I want my savings account to reach. For me it’s not about saving for a specific fancy car, or a big house, or a grand adventure around the world. It’s just about having… more.

My first real memory of this obsession with saving money goes back to when I was…

These simple hacks are sure to save you money

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Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

Saving money is something that, in my opinion, everyone should do. Yet, as far as I’ve seen, it’s not something that many people are very good at.

Many people that are on the journey of starting to grow their savings accounts focus on the act of putting money aside, which yes, is very important (I even have an article on how you can begin growing your savings account this way).

However… we often fail to consider how we can cut back our everyday living expenses and the vast impact that spending less money on a daily basis can also attribute…

The sixth branch of military you didn’t know existed…

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Photo by NASA-Imagery on Pixabay

I recently stumbled upon an article titled “Former Israeli space chief says aliens exist, and Trump knows about it”, and I was instantly intrigued — I mean, how could you not be?

The article goes on to explain how Haim Eshed, former head of Israel’s Defense Ministry’s space directorate, confirmed the existence of extraterrestrial life, as well as human interaction with the species.

As mind-blowing as some of the claims in that article are, the confirmation of alien life wasn’t the only thing in the article that fiercely caught my attention.

As I got deeper into the article, there’s a…

What you should realistically expect to get paid on Medium, starting from square one…

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Photo by Matthew Henry on Burst

I first heard of Medium after watching Shelby Church’s YouTube video, “Making Money Online Writing for Medium… Is It Worth Your Time?

It sounded intriguing to me from the get-go, so I immediately made a Medium account and started looking further into the platform. My nerves, however, prevented me from writing my own articles from the start.

For months, I would randomly think of topics that I could write articles about and I’d jot them down in the Notes app of my phone, just in case I ever got up the nerve to start writing.

I remained hesitant to start…

And what you can do to help…

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Photo by jambogyuri on Pixabay

I recently wrote an article on what it’s like to live in the richest country in the world — Qatar. In that article, I covered the estimated GDP of the country, what gives the country its wealth, and some of the ins and outs of daily life within the country.

As fun as it was to write that article and learn about all of the benefits that come from living in the richest country in the world, it got me thinking…

I think it’s safe to say that it’s more fun to learn about luxury than it is to learn…

How its people are living in luxury — and how they’re not…

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Photo by Abdullah on Pexels

The richest country in the world…

Where is it? Why is it the richest country in the world? Are the people there all living in glass penthouses and being served by their personal chefs? What’s daily life like there and how is it different from everywhere else?

I recently found out what the richest country in the world is and dove into research about all of the ins and outs of the country, and exactly what gives it its wealth. What I found surprised me… It just might surprise you, too.

Before I get into why this country is the…

You’ll never have to fix your credit if you build it correctly from the get-go

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Photo by Dom J on Pexels

Credit is an essential subject that we, unfortunately, don’t learn much about in school. Most of us learn how to build our credit from our parents or dive headfirst into credit cards and different loans, where we end up hoping for the best.

When I was 18 years old and began building my credit, I experienced the latter of the two situations above. I didn’t learn anything about credit in school, nor did my parents ever make a single mention to me about it.

Fortunately, being the finance-minded gal that I am, I read up on credit and how to…

The best affordable gifts you can get this holiday season

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Photo by Freestocks.org on Pexels

The holidays are upon us which means the stress of holiday gift-giving is in full effect.

Lucky for you, I started my Christmas shopping in early October and have accumulated a solid list of different Etsy products and shops that I believe have some of the best gifts for the holiday season.

This list of products/shops covers most everyone you could possibly need to buy a gift for and I’ve kept them in an affordable price range.

If there isn’t anything you see on this list that intrigues you, I do encourage you to look through Etsy for other products…

How the world's billionaires have more money than they could ever possibly spend

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Photo by Vladislav on Pexels

According to Forbes, as of March 18, 2020, there were approximately 2,100 billionaires worldwide…

Many of us have heard of the most predominant billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, and we tend to think things like “Wow… that is a lot of money” when contemplating their wealth, but I don’t think that most of us actually understand how much a billion dollars is.

I recently heard a statistic that helped break down how virtually impossible it would be to ever spend a billion dollars in one lifetime and it absolutely blew my mind, so I decided to dive deeper…

The people in urban areas are more educated and sympathetic

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Photo by Element5 on Pexels

With the 2020 election finally at a close, it’s time to take a step back and look at why voting trends tend to lie the way that they do…

You may have noticed throughout this election that nearly all of the densely populated, urban areas throughout the nation voted Democratic. Meanwhile, lesser populated, rural areas nearly always leaned Republican.

You can zoom in on almost any state’s election results map and notice a sea of red containing little islands of blue in the most densely populated regions.

Here’s a closer look at why

First of all: education.

Big cities simply…

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